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This paper discusses the modeling and simulation of a hovercraft for developing a motion control system. The model will be used to evaluate the controller’s performance before the fully-integrated hardware is available.
nov 2013
A fully automated MCL modeled in Simulink and Simscape enables researchers to accurately simulate cardiac conditions and dynamics to evaluate the performance of cardiac assist devices.
nov 2013
This article describes a workflow for creating a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) plant model using MATLAB® and Simulink® and commonly available lab equipment.
sept 2013
Use a layered approach to break the parameter estimation problem into a subset of data and parameter values so that the optimizer can focus on a specific problem.
avr 2013
Tips and techniques to make your model run faster.
juin 2012
Use simulation to design and verify complex control strategies in a model—then reuse the model to automatically generate IEC 61131 structured text to program the PLC for deployment.
oct 2011
Using the bifilar pendulum as an example, this article shows how you can improve mass moments of inertia estimates by solving a more accurate nonlinear model.
mai 2010
Using an aerospace system model as an example, this article describes the parallelization of a controller parameter tuning task using Parallel Computing Toolbox and Simulink Design Optimization.
mai 2009
Article presents a methodology for applying Model-Based Design to develop and automatically optimize vehicle stability control systems.
nov 2008
This paper uses a hydromechanical actuator as an example to illustrate techniques for modeling, optimizing, and testing plant models in MATLAB® and Simulink®. High-performance computing clusters are used to speed up Monte Carlo techniques.
août 2008
In August 1969, NASA’s spin-stabilized Applications Technology Satellite 5 (ATS5) began to wobble, sending the spacecraft into an unplanned flat spin and crippling the mission. It was later found that this event was caused by excessive fuel slosh.
juil 2007
Every real-world system operates under uncertainty and failure to account for that uncertainty can lead to inaccurate predictions of system behavior.
mai 2007
This article describes a process for creating a parameterized battery model capable of providing accurate simulation results and fast simulation speed.
avr 2007
For most engineers and scientists, working with a model of a physical system instead of an actual prototype provides a convenient way to experiment with various design and control ideas.
mai 2005

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