Strip Chart

Display stream of data in real time


The Strip Chart library contains a single ActiveX® Control block configured to display an ActiveX control from Global Majic, the Strip Chart. This block displays one or more signals while the simulation runs. It also enables you to zoom in or out.

To learn how to use the Strip Chart block, see Strip Chart Library.

Dialog Box

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box governs the appearance and functionality of the control that is embedded in the block. The table below lists the panels of the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box.

BackgroundConfigure the background and outline of the block
CaptionsDisplay annotations on the block
FontsDefine text styles (The Captions and Stamps panels use the FontID or Stamp FontID property to reference the styles defined here.)
GeneralDefine the appearance and behavior of the underlying plotting area
LibraryRefer to property settings as a named collection
StampsDefine the appearance of a symbol that you can place on the control or on an individual plot
Track BandsDefine the number of colored bands displayed on each individual plot, and the appearance of each band
TracksDefine the number of individual plots, and the appearance of each (The Track Bands and Variables panels use the TrackID property to reference the tracks defined here.)
VariablesDetermine which variables appear in each individual plot and how each variable is displayed.
X AxisDetermine what the values along the x-axis represent and how they are displayed

The Block Parameters dialog box governs the relationship between the Simulink® block and the control embedded in the block. See Block Parameters for the ActiveX Control Block for details.

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