Convert SimDriveline first-generation model or library to second-generation format


newsysname = sdl_update('sys')
newsysname = sdl_update('sys','oldlib1','newlib1','oldlib2', ...)


newsysname = sdl_update('sys') converts SimDriveline™ First Generation components in the Simulink® system sys.

newsysname = sdl_update('sys','oldlib1','newlib1','oldlib2', ...) converts the SimDriveline First Generation components in the Simulink system sys that contains references to the SimDriveline First Generation libraries oldlib1, oldlib2, ... which are already converted to newlib1, newlib2, ..., respectively.

In both forms, sdl_update creates a new system based on the SimDriveline transitional library (sdl_classic) and returns the name of the new system. The new system is saved in your current directory and remains loaded.

Output Arguments


String variable containing name of new, converted Simulink system


Converting a Model

Update the model drive_ex1:

sdl_ex1 = sdl_update('drive_ex1');

Converting a Model and a Linked Library

If a model drive_model references blocks from library drive_userlib, update drive_userlib into a new library and drive_mdl into a new model:

sdl_userlib = sdl_update('drive_userlib'); % Update library first
sdl_model = sdl_update('drive_model','drive_userlib',sdl_userlib); 
% Then update model linked to library

sdl_userlib and sdl_model are string variables containing system names, not the system names themselves.

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