Nonparametric Methods

Periodogram, Welch, and Lomb-Scargle PSD estimates, spectrogram, coherence, transfer function estimation

Analyze the spectral content of uniformly or nonuniformly sampled signals using periodogram, pwelch, or plomb. Determine frequency-domain coherence between signals. Estimate transfer functions based on input and output measurements.


cpsd Cross power spectral density
mscohere Magnitude squared coherence
periodogram Periodogram power spectral density estimate
plomb Lomb-Scargle periodogram
pmtm Multitaper power spectral density estimate
pwelch Welch's power spectral density estimate
spectrogram Spectrogram using short-time Fourier transform
tfestimate Transfer function estimate
sptool Open interactive digital signal processing tool
db Convert energy or power measurements to decibels
db2mag Convert decibels to magnitude
db2pow Convert decibels to power
mag2db Convert magnitude to decibels
pow2db Convert power to decibels

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