Configuration Parameters Dialog Box Overview

The Configuration Parameters dialog box specifies the settings for a model's active configuration set. These parameters determine the type of solver used, import and export settings, and other values that determine how the model runs. See Configuration SetsConfiguration Sets for more information.

    Note   You can also use the Model Explorer to modify settings for the active configuration set or any other configuration set. See Model Explorer Overview for more information.

To display the dialog box, in the Simulink® Editor, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters, or press Ctrl+E. The dialog box appears.

The dialog box groups the configuration parameters into various categories. To display the parameters for a specific category, click the category in the Select tree on the left side of the dialog box.

In most cases, Simulink software does not apply changes until you click OK or Apply at the bottom of the dialog box. The OK button applies your changes and dismisses the dialog box. The Apply button applies your changes but leaves the dialog box open.

    Note   Each of the parameters in the Configuration Parameters dialog box can also be set via the sim command. Each parameter description includes the corresponding command line information.

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