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6 Mar 2015 MATLAB Downloads

Downloads for all MATLAB products. Requires login.

matlab, image proce..., insertobjec... 4874 2
5.0 | 1 rating
6 Mar 2015 Fractal dimension from image

Blog post showing how Matlab can be used to compute the fractal dimension from an image.

feature ext..., fractal, fractal dim..., image proce... 772 3
5.0 | 2 ratings
28 Feb 2015 Gesture Recognition Using MATLAB By Shahyan Pervez Bharucha.

This program recognises the number of fingers shown to the camera and shows the count.

gesture, gesture rec..., great work...., image proce..., recognition 554 21
5.0 | 12 ratings
27 Feb 2015 Understanding and Demodulating LTE Signals

Understanding and Demodulating LTE Signals

demodulatin..., frame synch..., lte, lte physica..., lte standard 6 1

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