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No.1 System Simulator

Simulation development environment for embedded systems


  • Cycle-accurate instruction set simulator (ISS) supports several processor families
  • Simply creates simulation environment via a dedicated editor.
  • Integrated co-simulation link to MATLAB and Simulink


No. 1 System Simulator is GAIO's latest simulation development environment for embedded systems. The new application System Component Synthesizer can automatically generate a virtual simulation environment, which is configured as various types of MPU models and other virtual hardware, simply by configuring the system with component libraries. It also supports a co-verification system connecting GAIO's ISS with MATLAB and Simulink. You can use it to improve embedded software reliability by verifying the system earlier in the development cycle.

GAIO's MPU simulator (ISS) provides a cosimulation link to MATLAB and Simulink using the S-function blocks provided by GAIO. Users can execute their actual ECU software within the GAIO ISS and control plant models running within MATLAB and Simulink. This capability helps users verify their ECU system earlier in the development process, which saves time and improves reliability.

No.1 System Simulator supports a wide range of processors spanning the SuperH, H8/H8S, M16C, M32R, V850, 78K0, FMC16LX, PowerPC, ARM, and MIPS families. For the latest list of supported processor families, see the Gaio support page here: The cosimulation link to MATLAB and Simulink is supported on all MPUs where No.1 System Simulator is available.

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