Simulink Real-Time 

Basic Real-Time Target Machine

Entry-level high performance target machine ideal for rack mounting

Basic real-time target machine
Basic real-time target machine

The Basic real-time target machine offers the configuration options of a standard desktop PC, but also includes a range of industrial-strength features. These include an industrial mainboard with five PCI slots for I/O modules, space for full length I/O modules, rack mounting options, high real-time performance with xPC Target, and long-term availability of components.


  • 3U form factor ideal for space efficient rack mounting
  • PCI slots for up to five I/O modules in the half, three-quarter, and full-length PCI form factor
  • Real-time performance with support for CPUs up to Intel Core 2 Duo 3.33GHz
  • Designed and optimized for use with Simulink and xPC Target
  • Long component lifecycles for stability and consistent high quality

PDF Hardware specifications (80k)

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