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Flight Mechanics of a

Flight Mechanics of a µ-Airplane: With a MATLAB Simulink Helper

Intended for students in flight mechanics and control system design courses, as well as aeronautical engineers, this book presents the synthetic design procedure and validation of mu-design through modeling and nonlinear simulations. Chapters cover the synthetic design phase, reference frames, equations of motion, quaternion, linearization and separation problems, analysis of the commanded airplane, verification and validation process of the simulation model, and atmospheric turbulence and sensor noise.

Companion software available Companion Software: The author has developed a set of MATLAB M-files and Simulink models that are available on a CD-ROM bound into the book. These files require MATLAB, Simulink and the Control System, Optimization, and Signal Processing Toolboxes.

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A propos de ce livre

Luigi Mangiacasale, Aermacchi SPA

Edizioni Libreria CLUP - Milano - Italy, 1998

Language: English