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Modelovanie, Riadenie A N

Modelovanie, Riadenie A Návrh Systémov S Rozlozenými Parametrami S Demonstráciami V Prostredí MATLAB

Written in Slovak, this book presents a course on new control concepts and tools for distributed parameter systems (DPS). This new philosophy of distributed parameter systems theory is offered in tutorial form using basic methods and results. A representation of DPS by lumped-input/distributed-output system is introduced in this book. For demonstration purposes, several examples of PID, algebraic, state-space, robust, and adaptive control of DPS are presented and illustrated using MATLAB. MATLAB is also used to formulate and solve modeling, control, and design problems for DPS using partial differential equations, numerical schemes of finite elements method, and sets of dynamic characteristics measured on real systems.

Companion software available Companion Software: The authors have developed a set of MATLAB M-files, which are available on disk bound in the book.

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Gabriel Hulkó
Mária Antoniová
Cyril Belavý
Ján Belanský
Ján Szuda
Peter Végh

Partner Technic Ltd., 1998

ISBN: 80-227-1052-0
Language: Slovak