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Fundamentals of Signals and Systems 3e

Fundamentals of Signals and Systems: Using the Web and MATLAB, 3e

This book presents a comprehensive introduction to and discussion of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and systems, with demos on the Web and MATLAB examples integrated throughout the text. Featured in this edition is material on control systems, including a description of a digital control lab project. The book includes a wide range of examples and problems on different areas in engineering, including electrical circuits, mechanical systems, and biological systems.

MATLAB is introduced and used to solve numerous examples in the book. Control System Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, and Symbolic Math Toolbox are also briefly introduced. The authors have developed a set of M-files (using MATLAB, Control System Toolbox, Symbolic Math Toolbox, and Signal Processing Toolbox), online demos, worked problems and a MATLAB tutorial.

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A propos de ce livre

Bonnie S. Heck, Georgia Institute of Technology
Edward W. Kamen

Prentice Hall, 2007

ISBN: 0-13-168737-9
Language: English