Tackling Big Data with MATLAB

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Adam Filion, MathWorks

Are the data sets you need to analyze becoming uncomfortably large to work with in memory? Are they taking too long to compute? Are you finding it challenging to scale your algorithms to big data sets? In this webinar, you will learn strategies and techniques for handling large amounts of data in MATLAB. New big data capabilities in MATLAB R2014b will be highlighted.

Topics covered include:

  • Using best practices for memory use in MATLAB
  • Accessing data in large text files, databases or from the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Leveraging distributed memory to work with large data sets
  • Processing data using the MapReduce programming technique
  • Developing algorithms on your desktop and scaling to a cluster, cloud or Hadoop

About the Presenter: 
Adam Filion holds a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech. His research involved nonlinear controls of spacecraft and periodic orbits in the three-body problem. After graduating he joined the MathWorks Engineering Development Group in 2010 and moved to Applications Engineering in 2012.

Produits présentés

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

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