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Hardware for Project-Based Learning

Hands-on learning with MATLAB, Simulink, and low-cost hardware means students create cool projects while building valuable expertise.

Explore hardware support for your course or application.

Send/receive serial messages, drive motors, read encoders, use light sensors, and build other projects with popular platforms like LEGO, Arduino, and more.

Create your own robot with Arduino, program your LEGO MINDSTORMS robots and more.

Develop software-defined radio with USRP, audio processing applications with Raspberry Pi, and more.

Acquire sensor data from iPhone and Android devices, analyze IoT data with ThingSpeak, collect data with Analog Devices ADALM1000, use standard protocols such as serial, TCP/IP, UDP, or Bluetooth, and more.

Teach logical thinking and bring programming concepts to life with LEGO, Arduino, and more.

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