Mixed-Signal Library for Simulink

Shorten your mixed-signal projects with off-the-shelf blocks, examples, and help

MathWorks has brought together our most popular examples in one mixed-signal library. The library contains blocks, examples, and tutorials—all with full help—to enable you to build and verify your mixed-signal systems in Simulink. The latest versions of the library (version 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4) provide content for ADC design, bathtub curves, 64b/66b encoding/decoding, and more.

A significant change in the 4.2 and 4.3 versions is that Simscape is used to model electrical components, removing the dependency on SimPowerSystems in the models and blocks.

What you can do with the mixed-signal library

  • Build SERDES, ADC, PLL, digital predistortion, and switched-mode power supply models
  • Easily combine analog and digital blocks in the same Simulink model to rapidly simulate mixed-signal systems
  • Build fast behavioral models and evolve them to circuit simulations
  • Link the mixed-signal library to SPICE modeling tools from Cadence and other vendors

What's in the library

  • Over 50 blocks for use with Simulink including clock recovery, loop filter, VCO, jitter measurement, op-amp, and Ebers-Moll
  • Over 40 examples, featuring SERDES, ADC, digital predistortion, PLL, signal integrity, switched-mode power supply, and more
  • Behavioral and circuit modeling blocks and examples
  • Tutorials covering ADC, PLL, and digital predistortion
  • Help for every block, including guides for getting started, tutorials, mixed-signal resources, and next steps

To make the mixed-signal library easy to use, it fully integrates with Simulink. The blocks and examples appear in the Simulink Library Browser—just the same as any blockset or system toolbox.

Getting the library

To download the mixed-signal library, complete the form on the right, accept the license agreement, and follow the installation instructions.


The mixed-signal library depends on MATLAB, Simulink, and a number of additional products. The product dependencies vary from example to example—some examples need only MATLAB, some need more products. For commercial users, MathWorks can arrange a trial of any software you need that you don’t have. Full details of all dependencies and how to arrange a free trial are included in the mixed-signal library help.

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