MathWorks Hands-on Workshops at European Microwave Week in Paris

Join one or more of the 90-minutes MathWorks hands-on workshops on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (October 1,2,3) at the European Microwave week.

Topics include: using MATLAB® for designing and testing 5G and WLAN systems, antenna and antenna array design for radar applications, power amplifier modeling and transmitter linearization techniques, using software defined radios (SDR) for rapid prototyping and over the air testing, plus lots more!

These workshops are free to attend, do not require familiarity with MATLAB, and if you bring your own laptop you can get hands-on experience under the supervision of MathWorks experts. 

Oct. 1 5G Design from System to RF Component Specifications Register Now
Oct. 2
Antenna Design, Integration with Phased-Array Algorithms, and SDR Over-the-Air Testing Register Now
Oct. 3 Beyond Radar Simulation, Target Classification, and SDR Over-the-Air Testing Register Now