MathWorks Hands-on Workshops at European Microwave Week in Paris


Join one or more of the 90-minutes MathWorks hands-on workshops on Wednesday October 2nd at the European Microwave week.

Topics include: using MATLAB® for antenna and antenna array design for radar applications, understanding hybrid beamforming, using Software defined radios (SDR) for rapid prototyping and over the air testing, plus lots more!

These workshops are free to attend, do not require familiarity MATLAB, and if you bring your own laptop you can get a hands-on experience under the supervision of MathWorks experts.

Just register for a free exhibition pass for European Microwave Week and sign up to our workshops here:


  • Antenna and Antenna Array Design, Installation, and Prototyping Using MATLAB®
  • Demystifying the Design of Hybrid Beamforming Systems
  • Software Defined Radio Masterclass

About the Presenter

Giorgia Zucchelli is the product marketing manager for RF and mixed-signal at MathWorks. Before joining MathWorks in 2009 as an application engineer focusing on signal processing and communications systems with specialization in analog simulation, Giorgia worked at NXP Semiconductors and Philips Research. Giorgia has a doctorate in electronic engineering for telecommunications from the University of Bologna. Her thesis dealt with modeling high-frequency RF devices.

Gérald Albertini joined MathWorks in 2017 as RF / Wireless Application Engineer. He completed his training at the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and obtained his degree in electronics engineering from Polytech Paris-UPMC in 1996.

After an early career in testing and measurement (National Instruments) and the semiconductor industry (Texas Instruments), Gérald spent 7 years at DGA-Maîtrise de l'Information where he held positions in the fields of Electronic Warfare and transmission systems. His areas of interest are centered on digital communications and radio-software.




10.00h - 11.30h

Antenna and Antenna Array Design, Installation, and Prototyping Using MATLAB®

Antenna and antenna array design is a complex task that requires in-depth expertise. Antennas are becoming increasing more complex in m-MIMO systems and multi-function radars.

In this workshop, you will learn how MATLAB® can simplify solving the antenna problem. You don’t need to be an EM expert to analyze the antenna taking into account the platform on which it is installed, visualize and interactively inspect antenna and array impedance, current, and radiation pattern, and fabricate the antenna on a PCB.

13.00h – 14.30h

Demystifying the Design of Hybrid Beamforming Systems

Higher data rates drive the need for greater bandwidth systems. The available bandwidth in the spectrum up through 6 GHz is not sufficient to satisfy these requirements. The target operating frequency bands are now moved up into the millimeter wave range, and this enables integrating more antenna elements within small form factors. Intelligent array design with beamforming can fulfill the required performance but can have a high cost.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of hybrid beamforming and how to find the suitable trade-off between system complexity and performance.

15.00h – 16.30h

Software Defined Radio Masterclass

Over the air testing and rapid prototyping targeting either FPGAs or SoCs are key phases in the development of new wireless communication systems.

In this masterclass, you will see with live examples new hardware support capabilities in MATLAB® that enable you to connect your algorithms to a range of SDR devices and RF instruments. Using the Analog Devices Pluto® SDR we will use live radio signals to verify designs with waveform generation and over-the-air testing. With the ZedBoard + AD9361 we will highlight HDL code generation capabilities for rapid prototyping.

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