Waseda University Provides Campus-Wide Access to MATLAB and Simulink

Offers students, researchers and faculty access to MathWorks suite of products

Tokyo, Japan - (10 Sep 2019)

MathWorks today announced that Waseda University is now providing campus-wide access to MATLAB and Simulink. As a result, all students, researchers, and faculty at the university will be able to use MathWorks products on university machines, mobile devices and personal computers, for use in any academic activities including teaching and research. In addition, MathWorks will work with Waseda University to develop basic courses for 1st and 2nd year students by integrating MATLAB and Simulink into the curriculum.

The Campus-Wide License provides all the different Graduate Schools, faculties and research centers free access to nearly all MathWorks products across the MATLAB and Simulink product families to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation. In addition, MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite (MAOTS) provides all students, faculty, and researchers access to online training courses from MathWorks to help build and advance programming skills. Providing access to MATLAB and Simulink across the university will help create a research and education environment equivalent to that of the world’s top universities and allow students to gain more practical experience that will advance their careers after graduation.

In recent years, computational thinking and knowledge are required not only in science and engineering, but also in the humanities and arts field. With the Campus-Wide License, it is expected that advanced programming and simulation technologies of MathWorks products will be utilized beyond the traditional science, technology, engineering and math areas to include economics, political science, psychology, and sports science.

In addition, the Senior High School and Honjo Senior High School, which are attached to Waseda University, have also introduced the MATLAB Primary and Secondary School Suite. This site license for junior and senior high schools is planned for use in math classes and super science clubs. Introduction at affiliated schools is the first case in Japan, and it is also expected to accelerate exploratory education in mathematics, science and technology.

Hironori Kasahara, Waseda University’s senior executive vice president for research and IT promotion said, “Under the MathWorks Campus-Wide License, Waseda University faculty and students can use 97 products including MATLAB and Simulink and MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite for research and education. We believe that it will be an important impetus in strengthening industry-government-academia collaboration with the aim of fostering highly responsive personnel and developing high value-added products in order to realize a ‘Waseda that shines on the global stage.’ Being able to use MathWorks products, which are widely used in global industry, for our research and education is also useful for realizing the Waseda Open Innovation Valley concept, which the university is promoting. We are also looking forward to worldwide cooperation in the field of industry-academia collaboration and incubation through the MathWorks strong network.”

MathWorks Japan's senior managing director, Toshitaka Nashizawa, says: "Waseda University is known for its efforts to offer students world-class learning environments. With the MathWorks Campus-Wide License, students and faculty can spend more time on research and less time on learning programming. Schools will now have a common platform that will help shape interdisciplinary ideas and innovation as subjects like math and science blend into economics and psychology. As importantly, students will now have access to use and learn MATLAB and Simulink, which are used in commercial and startup companies around the world in a variety of industries.”

More than 6500 colleges and universities around the world use MATLAB and Simulink for teaching and research in a broad range of technical disciplines. More details on MathWorks in academia can be found at mathworks.com/academia


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