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Class: Aero.Camera
Namespace: Aero

Update camera position based on time and position of other Aero.Body objects




update(h,newtime,bodies) updates the position and aim point data of the camera object, h based on the new time, newtime, and the position of other Aero.Body objects specified by bodies. This function updates the camera object PrevTime property to newtime.

Input Arguments

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Camera object, specified as an Aero.Camera object.

New time, specified as a scalar, in seconds.

Data Types: double

Aero.Body objects, specified as a MATLAB array.


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Update the Aero.Camera object position based on the time newTime for the Aero.Body object h.

Create an Aero.Body object.

h = 
  Body with properties:

                    Name: ''
       CoordTransformFcn: @nullCoordTransform
                Position: [0 0 0]
                Rotation: [0 0 0]
                Geometry: [1x1 Aero.Geometry]
      PatchGenerationFcn: @generatePatchesFromFvcData
            PatchHandles: []
        ViewingTransform: []
        TimeSeriesSource: []
    TimeSeriesSourceType: 'Array6DoF'
       TimeSeriesReadFcn: @interp6DoFArrayWithTime

Create an Aero.Camera object.

y = 
  Camera with properties:

    CoordTransformFcn: @nullCoordTransform
          PositionFcn: @doFirstOrderChaseCameraDynamics
             Position: [-150 -50 0]
               Offset: [-150 -50 0]
             AimPoint: [0 0 0]
             UpVector: [0 0 -1]
            ViewAngle: 3
           ViewExtent: [-50 50]
                 xlim: [-50 50]
                 ylim: [-50 50]
                 zlim: [-50 50]
             PrevTime: 0
             UserData: []

Update the position of the camera object y for the body object h.


Version History

Introduced in R2007a

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