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Graph Visualization

The Bioinformatics Toolbox™ includes functions, objects, and methods for creating, viewing, and manipulating graphs such as interactive maps, hierarchy plots, and pathways. This allows you to view relationships between data.

The object constructor function (biograph) lets you create a biograph object to hold graph data. Methods of the biograph object let you calculate the position of nodes (dolayout), draw the graph (view), get handles to the nodes and edges (getnodesbyid and getedgesbynodeid) to further query information, and find relations between the nodes (getancestors, getdescendants, and getrelatives). There are also methods that apply basic graph theory algorithms to the biograph object.

Various properties of a biograph object let you programmatically change the properties of the rendered graph. You can customize the node representation, for example, drawing pie charts inside every node (CustomNodeDrawFcn). Or you can associate your own callback functions to nodes and edges of the graph, for example, opening a Web page with more information about the nodes (NodeCallback and EdgeCallback).

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