Analog Passband Modulation

AM and FM analog passband modulation

Communications Toolbox™ includes tools using either MATLAB® or Simulink® for analog passband modulation.


ammodAmplitude modulation
amdemodAmplitude demodulation
fmmodFrequency modulation
fmdemodFrequency demodulation
pmmodPhase modulation
pmdemodPhase demodulation
ssbmodSingle sideband amplitude modulation
ssbdemodSingle sideband amplitude demodulation


DSB AM Modulator PassbandModulate using double-sideband amplitude modulation
DSB AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate DSB-AM-modulated data
DSBSC AM Modulator PassbandModulate using double-sideband suppressed-carrier amplitude modulation
DSBSC AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate DSBSC-AM-modulated data
FM Modulator PassbandModulate using frequency modulation
FM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate FM-modulated data
PM Modulator PassbandModulate using phase modulation
PM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate PM-modulated data
SSB AM Modulator PassbandModulate using single-sideband amplitude modulation
SSB AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate SSB-AM-modulated data


Analog Passband Modulation

In most communication medium, only a fixed range of frequencies is available for transmission.