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Viterbi Decoding of Binary Symmetric Channel Impaired Data

The cm_ex_viterbi_decode_binary_seq model generates a binary sequence using the Random Integer Generator block. The sequence is encoded with the Convolutional Encoder block and then impaired with the Binary Symmetric Channel block. The Viterbi Decoder block decodes the data sequence and the bit error rate is computed.

The InitFcn callback is used to initialize workspace parameters for samples per frame, BSC error probability, and the Viterbi decoder traceback depth. The signal delay between the transmitted and received signal is equal to the traceback depth. The signal delay is needed for the error rate calculation.

To produce a binary bit stream, the Random Integer Generator block specifies a set size of 2, and output type of boolean.

The computed error rate approximates the Error probability specified in the Binary Symmetric Channel block.

Computed error rate = 0.095023