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Build for use with bootloader

Select this check box to use the internal bootloader during the code programming process.

By selecting this option, you generate an output executable to use with bootloader for programming the target hardware memory through a standard communication channel, without having to use an IDE/third party tool.

This check box is available only when you select Baremetal operating system.

After the first use of bootloader with Simulink®, you can also interact with the target hardware from the command-line interface.

  1. Create a target hardware object that connects through serial port ‘COM1’ using the command:

    obj= bootloader('COM1')

  2. Load the executable generated from the Simulink model ‘model1.slx’, with the bootloader option selected, using the command:

    [err, msg ] = load(obj,'model1.hex')

  3. Clear the object using the command:

    clear obj


Default: off


Bootloader interface

This option is for the communication interface used by the bootloader.


Default: Serial (USART2)

Serial port

Specify the serial port used for the serial communication.


Default: COM1

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