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Display model information, including estimated uncertainty





present(m) displays the linear or nonlinear identified model m and the following information:

  • Estimated one standard deviation of the parameters, which gives 68.27% confidence region

  • Termination conditions for iterative estimation algorithms

  • Status of the model — whether the model was constructed or estimated

  • Fit to estimation data

  • Akaike's Final Prediction Error (FPE) criterion

  • Mean-square error (MSE)


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Estimate a transfer function model.

load iddata1 z1;
np = 2;
sys = tfest(z1,np);

Display model information.

sys =                                                                       
  From input "u1" to output "y1":                                           
      2.455 (+/- 1.101) s + 177 (+/- 10.73)                                 
  s^2 + 3.163 (+/- 0.2522) s + 23.16 (+/- 1.115)                            
Continuous-time identified transfer function.                               
   Number of poles: 2   Number of zeros: 1                                  
   Number of free coefficients: 4                                           
   Use "tfdata", "getpvec", "getcov" for parameters and their uncertainties.
Termination condition: Near (local) minimum, (norm(g) < tol)..              
Number of iterations: 1, Number of function evaluations: 3                  
Estimated using TFEST on time domain data "z1".                             
Fit to estimation data: 70.77%                                              
FPE: 1.725, MSE: 1.658                                                      
More information in model's "Report" property.                              

Introduced before R2006a