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Image Processing Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
activecontour Segment image into foreground and background using active contours (snakes)
adapthisteqContrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE)
adaptthreshAdaptive image threshold using local first-order statistics
addNewPositionCallbackAdd new-position callback to ROI object
affine2d2-D affine geometric transformation
affine3d 3-D affine geometric transformation
analyze75infoRead metadata from header file of Analyze 7.5 data set
analyze75readRead image data from image file of Analyze 7.5 data set
applycformApply device-independent color space transformation
applylutNeighborhood operations on binary images using lookup tables
axes2pixConvert axes coordinates to pixel coordinates
beginDrawingFromPointBegin drawing ROI from specified point
bestblkDetermine optimal block size for block processing
bfscoreContour matching score for image segmentation
blendexposureCreate well-exposed image from images with different exposures
blockprocDistinct block processing for image
boundarymaskFind region boundaries of segmentation
brisqueBlind/Referenceless Image Spatial Quality Evaluator (BRISQUE) no-reference image quality score
brisqueModelBlind/Referenceless Image Spatial Quality Evaluator (BRISQUE) model
bwareaArea of objects in binary image
bwareafiltExtract objects from binary image by size
bwareaopenRemove small objects from binary image
bwboundariesTrace region boundaries in binary image
bwconncompFind connected components in binary image
bwconvhullGenerate convex hull image from binary image
bwdistDistance transform of binary image
bwdistgeodesicGeodesic distance transform of binary image
bweulerEuler number of binary image
bwhitmissBinary hit-miss operation
bwlabelLabel connected components in 2-D binary image
bwlabelnLabel connected components in binary image
bwlookup Nonlinear filtering using lookup tables
bwmorphMorphological operations on binary images
bwmorph3Morphological operations on binary volume
bwpackPack binary image
bwperimFind perimeter of objects in binary image
bwpropfiltExtract objects from binary image using properties
bwselectSelect objects in binary image
bwselect3Select objects in binary image
bwskelReduce all objects to lines in 2-D binary image or 3-D binary volume
bwtraceboundaryTrace object in binary image
bwulterodeUltimate erosion
bwunpackUnpack binary image
checkerboardCreate checkerboard image
chromadaptAdjust color balance of RGB image with chromatic adaptation
col2imRearrange matrix columns into blocks
colfiltColumnwise neighborhood operations
colorangleAngle between two RGB vectors
colorcloudDisplay 3-D color gamut as point cloud in specified color space
conndefCreate connectivity array
containsDetermine if image contains points in world coordinate system
convmtx22-D convolution matrix
cornerFind corner points in image
cornermetricCreate corner metric matrix from image
corr22-D correlation coefficient
cp2tformInfer spatial transformation from control point pairs
cpcorrTune control point locations using cross-correlation
cpselect Control Point Selection tool
cpstruct2pairsExtract valid control point pairs from cpstruct structure
createMaskCreate mask within image
createMaskCreate binary mask image from ROI
dct22-D discrete cosine transform
dctmtxDiscrete cosine transform matrix
decomposeReturn sequence of decomposed structuring elements
deconvblindDeblur image using blind deconvolution
deconvlucyDeblur image using Lucy-Richardson method
deconvregDeblur image using regularized filter
deconvwnrDeblur image using Wiener filter
decorrstretchApply decorrelation stretch to multichannel image
demosaicConvert Bayer pattern encoded image to truecolor image
denoiseImageDenoise image using deep neural network
denoisingImageDatastoreDenoising image datastore
denoisingImageSource(To be removed) Create denoising image datastore
denoisingNetworkGet image denoising network
diceSørensen-Dice similarity coefficient for image segmentation
dicomanonAnonymize DICOM file
dicomCollectionGather details about related series of DICOM files
dicomdictGet or set active DICOM data dictionary
dicomdisp Display DICOM file structure
dicominfoRead metadata from DICOM message
dicomlookupFind attribute in DICOM data dictionary
dicomreadRead DICOM image
dicomreadVolumeConstruct volume from directory of DICOM images
dicomuidGenerate DICOM unique identifier
dicomwriteWrite images as DICOM files
displayChartDisplay Imatest® eSFR chart with overlaid regions of interest
displayColorPatchDisplay visual color reproduction as color patches
dnCNNLayersGet denoising convolutional neural network layers
dpxinfoRead metadata from DPX file
dpxreadRead DPX image
drawBegin drawing ROI interactively
drawassistedCreate freehand ROI on image with assistance from image edges
drawcircleCreate customizable circular ROI
drawellipseCreate customizable elliptical ROI
drawfreehandCreate customizable freehand ROI
drawlineCreate customizable linear ROI
drawpointCreate customizable point ROI
drawpolygonCreate customizable polygonal ROI
drawpolylineCreate customizable polyline ROI
drawrectangleCreate customizable rectangular ROI
edgeFind edges in intensity image
edge3Find edges in 3-D intensity volume
edgetaperTaper discontinuities along image edges
entropyEntropy of grayscale image
entropyfiltLocal entropy of grayscale image
esfrChartImatest® edge spatial frequency response (eSFR) test chart
fan2paraConvert fan-beam projections to parallel-beam
fanbeamFan-beam transform
fft22-D fast Fourier transform
fftshiftShift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
fibermetricEnhance elongated or tubular structures in image
findboundsFind output bounds for spatial transformation
fitbrisqueFit custom model for BRISQUE image quality score
fitgeotransFit geometric transformation to control point pairs
fitniqeFit custom model for NIQE image quality score
fliptformFlip input and output roles of spatial transformation structure
freqspaceFrequency spacing for frequency response
freqz22-D frequency response
fsamp22-D FIR filter using frequency sampling
fspecialCreate predefined 2-D filter
fspecial3Create predefined 3-D filter
ftrans22-D FIR filter using frequency transformation
fwind12-D FIR filter using 1-D window method
fwind22-D FIR filter using 2-D window method
gaborCreate Gabor filter or Gabor filter bank
geometricTransform2d2-D geometric transformation object
geometricTransform3d3-D geometric transformation object
getAngleFromHorizontalReturn angle between Distance tool and horizontal axis
getColorGet color used to draw ROI object
getDistanceReturn distance between endpoints of Distance tool
getheightHeight of structuring element
getimageImage data from axes
getimagemodelImage model object from image object
getLabelHandleReturn handle to text label of Distance tool
getLabelTextFormatterReturn format of text label of Distance tool
getLabelVisibleReturn visibility of text label of Distance tool
getlineSelect polyline with mouse
getneighborsStructuring element neighbor locations and heights
getnhoodGet structuring element neighborhood
getPositionReturn current position of ROI object
getPositionConstraintFcnReturn function handle to current position constraint function
getptsSpecify points with mouse
getrangefromclassDefault display range of image based on its class
getrectSpecify rectangle with mouse
getsequenceSequence of decomposed structuring elements
getVerticesReturn vertices on perimeter of ellipse ROI object
grabcutSegment image into foreground and background using iterative graph-based segmentation
gradientweightCalculate weights for image pixels based on image gradient
gray2indConvert grayscale or binary image to indexed image
graycomatrixCreate gray-level co-occurrence matrix from image
grayconnected Select contiguous image region with similar gray values
graycopropsProperties of gray-level co-occurrence matrix
graydiffweightCalculate weights for image pixels based on grayscale intensity difference
graydistGray-weighted distance transform of grayscale image
graysliceConvert grayscale image to indexed image using multilevel thresholding
graythreshGlobal image threshold using Otsu's method
hdrreadRead high dynamic range (HDR) image
hdrwriteWrite high dynamic range (HDR) image file
histeqEnhance contrast using histogram equalization
houghHough transform
houghlinesExtract line segments based on Hough transform
houghpeaksIdentify peaks in Hough transform
hsv2rgbConvert HSV colors to RGB
iccfindSearch for ICC profiles
iccreadRead ICC profile
iccrootFind system default ICC profile repository
iccwriteWrite ICC color profile to disk file
idct22-D inverse discrete cosine transform
ifanbeamInverse fan-beam transform
ifft22-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftshiftInverse zero-frequency shift
illumgrayEstimate illuminant using gray world algorithm
illumpcaEstimate illuminant using principal component analysis (PCA)
illumwhiteEstimate illuminant using White Patch Retinex algorithm
im2bwConvert image to binary image, based on threshold
im2colRearrange image blocks into columns
im2doubleConvert image to double precision
im2int16Convert image to 16-bit signed integers
im2java2dConvert image to Java buffered image
im2singleConvert image to single precision
im2uint16Convert image to 16-bit unsigned integers
im2uint8Convert image to 8-bit unsigned integers
imabsdiffAbsolute difference of two images
imaddAdd two images or add constant to image
imadjustAdjust image intensity values or colormap
imadjustnAdjust intensity values in N-D volumetric image
ImageAdapterInterface for image I/O
ImageAdapter.closeClose ImageAdapter object
ImageAdapter.readRegionRead region of image
ImageAdapter.writeRegionWrite block of data to region of image
imageinfoImage Information tool
imagemodelImage Model object
images.dicom.decodeUIDGet information about DICOM unique identifier
images.dicom.parseDICOMDIRExtract metadata from DICOMDIR file
images.roi.AssistedFreehandAssisted freehand region of interest
images.roi.CircleCircular region-of-interest
images.roi.EllipseElliptical region-of-interest
images.roi.FreehandFreehand region-of-interest
images.roi.LineLine region-of-interest
images.roi.PointPoint region of interest
images.roi.PolygonPolygonal region of interest
images.roi.PolylinePolyline region-of-interest
images.roi.RectangleRectangular region-of-interest
imapplymatrixLinear combination of color channels
imapproxApproximate indexed image by reducing number of colors
imattributesInformation about image attributes
imbilatfiltBilateral filtering of images with Gaussian kernels
imbinarizeBinarize 2-D grayscale image or 3-D volume by thresholding
imbothatBottom-hat filtering
imboxfilt2-D box filtering of images
imboxfilt33-D box filtering of 3-D images
imclearborderSuppress light structures connected to image border
imcloseMorphologically close image
imcolormaptoolChoose Colormap tool
imcomplementComplement image
imcontourCreate contour plot of image data
imcontrastAdjust Contrast tool
imcropCrop image
imdiffuseestEstimate parameters for anisotropic diffusion filtering
imdiffusefiltAnisotropic diffusion filtering of images
imdilateDilate image
imdisplayrangeDisplay Range tool
imdistlineDistance tool
imdivideDivide one image into another or divide image by constant
imellipseCreate draggable ellipse
imerodeErode image
imextendedmaxExtended-maxima transform
imextendedminExtended-minima transform
imfillFill image regions and holes
imfilterN-D filtering of multidimensional images
imfindcirclesFind circles using circular Hough transform
imfinfoInformation about graphics file
imflatfield2-D image flat-field correction
imfreehandCreate draggable freehand region
imfuseComposite of two images
imgaborfilt Apply Gabor filter or set of filters to 2-D image
imgaussfilt2-D Gaussian filtering of images
imgaussfilt33-D Gaussian filtering of 3-D images
imgcaGet current axes containing image
imgcfGet current figure containing image
imgetfileDisplay Open Image dialog box
imgradient Gradient magnitude and direction of an image
imgradient3Find 3-D gradient magnitude and direction of images
imgradientxy Directional gradients of an image
imgradientxyzFind the directional gradients of a 3-D image
imguidedfilterGuided filtering of images
imhandlesGet all image objects
imhistHistogram of image data
imhistmatchAdjust histogram of 2-D image to match histogram of reference image
imhistmatchnAdjust histogram of N-D image to match histogram of reference image
imhmaxH-maxima transform
imhminH-minima transform
imimposeminImpose minima
imlincombLinear combination of images
imlineCreate draggable, resizable line
immagboxMagnification box for scroll panel
immovieMake movie from multiframe image
immse Mean-squared error
immultiplyMultiply two images or multiply image by constant
imnlmfiltNon-local means filtering of image
imnoiseAdd noise to image
imopenMorphologically open image
imoverlayBurn binary mask into 2-D image
imoverviewOverview tool for image displayed in scroll panel
imoverviewpanelOverview tool panel for image displayed in scroll panel
impixelPixel color values
impixelinfoPixel Information tool
impixelinfovalPixel Information tool without text label
impixelregionPixel Region tool
impixelregionpanelPixel Region tool panel
implayPlay movies, videos, or image sequences
impointCreate draggable point
impolyCreate draggable, resizable polygon
improfilePixel-value cross-sections along line segments
imputfileDisplay Save Image dialog box
impyramidImage pyramid reduction and expansion
imquantizeQuantize image using specified quantization levels and output values
imreadRead image from graphics file
imreconstructMorphological reconstruction
imrectCreate draggable rectangle
imreducehazeReduce atmospheric haze
imref2d Reference 2-D image to world coordinates
imref3d Reference 3-D image to world coordinates
imregconfigConfigurations for intensity-based registration
imregcorrEstimate geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D images using phase correlation
imregdemonsEstimate displacement field that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imregionalmaxRegional maxima
imregionalminRegional minima
imregisterIntensity-based image registration
imregmtbRegister 2-D images using median threshold bitmaps
imregtform Estimate geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imresizeResize image
imresize3Resize 3-D volumetric intensity image
imroiRegion-of-interest (ROI) base class
imrotateRotate image
imrotate3Rotate 3-D volumetric grayscale image
imsaveSave Image Tool
imscrollpanelScroll panel for interactive image navigation
imsegfmmBinary image segmentation using Fast Marching Method
imseggeodesic Segment image into two or three regions using geodesic distance-based color segmentation
imsegkmeansK-means clustering based image segmentation
imsegkmeans3K-means clustering based volume segmentation
imsharpenSharpen image using unsharp masking
imshowDisplay image
imshowpairCompare differences between images
imsplitSplit multichannel image into its individual channels
imsubtractSubtract one image from another or subtract constant from image
imtoolOpen Image Viewer app
imtophatTop-hat filtering
imtransformApply 2-D spatial transformation to image
imtranslateTranslate image
imwarpApply geometric transformation to image
imwriteWrite image to graphics file
ind2grayConvert indexed image to grayscale image
ind2rgbConvert indexed image to RGB image
inROIQuery if points are located in ROI
integralBoxFilter2-D box filtering of integral images
integralBoxFilter33-D box filtering of 3-D integral images
integralImageCalculate integral image
integralImage3Calculate 3-D integral image
interfileinfoRead metadata from Interfile file
interfilereadRead images in Interfile format
intlutConvert integer values using lookup table
intrinsicToWorldConvert from intrinsic to world coordinates
invertInvert geometric transformation
iptaddcallbackAdd function handle to callback list
iptcheckconnCheck validity of connectivity argument
iptcheckhandleCheck validity of handle
iptcheckinputCheck validity of array
iptcheckmapCheck validity of colormap
iptchecknarginCheck number of input arguments
iptcheckstrsCheck validity of option
iptdemosIndex of Image Processing Toolbox examples
iptgetapiGet Application Programmer Interface (API) for handle
iptGetPointerBehaviorRetrieve pointer behavior from graphics object
iptgetprefGet values of Image Processing Toolbox preferences
ipticondirDirectories containing IPT and MATLAB icons
iptnum2ordinalConvert positive integer to ordinal character vector
iptPointerManagerCreate pointer manager in figure
iptprefsDisplay Image Processing Toolbox Preferences dialog box
iptremovecallbackDelete function handle from callback list
iptSetPointerBehaviorStore pointer behavior structure in graphics object
iptsetprefSet Image Processing Toolbox preferences or display valid values
iptwindowalignAlign figure windows
iradonInverse Radon transform
isflatTrue for flat structuring element
isiccTrue for valid ICC color profile
isnitfCheck if file is National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) file
isRigidDetermine if transformation is rigid transformation
isrsetCheck if file is R-Set
isSimilarityDetermine if transformation is similarity transformation
isTranslationDetermine if transformation is pure translation
jaccardJaccard similarity coefficient for image segmentation
lab2doubleConvert L*a*b* data to double
lab2rgbConvert CIE 1976 L*a*b* to RGB
lab2uint16Convert L*a*b* data to uint16
lab2uint8Convert L*a*b* data to uint8
lab2xyzConvert CIE 1976 L*a*b* to CIE 1931 XYZ
label2idxConvert label matrix to cell array of linear indices
label2rgbConvert label matrix into RGB image
labelmatrixCreate label matrix from bwconncomp structure
labeloverlayOverlay label matrix regions on 2-D image
lazysnappingSegment image into foreground and background using graph-based segmentation
lin2rgbApply gamma correction to linear RGB values
localcontrastEdge-aware local contrast manipulation of images
locallapfiltFast local Laplacian filtering of images
localtonemapRender HDR image for viewing while enhancing local contrast
LocalWeightedMeanTransformation2D2-D local weighted mean geometric transformation
makecformCreate color transformation structure
makeConstrainToRectFcnCreate rectangularly bounded drag constraint function
makehdrCreate high dynamic range image
makelutCreate lookup table for use with bwlookup
makeresamplerCreate resampling structure
maketformCreate spatial transformation structure (TFORM)
mat2grayConvert matrix to grayscale image
MattesMutualInformationMattes mutual information metric configuration
mean2Average or mean of matrix elements
MeanSquaresMean square error metric configuration
measureChromaticAberrationMeasure chromatic aberration at slanted edges using Imatest® eSFR chart
measureColorMeasure color reproduction using Imatest® eSFR chart
measureIlluminantMeasure scene illuminant using Imatest® eSFR chart
measureNoiseMeasure noise using Imatest® eSFR chart
measureSharpnessMeasure spatial frequency response using Imatest® eSFR chart
medfilt22-D median filtering
medfilt33-D median filtering
montageDisplay multiple image frames as rectangular montage
multithresh Multilevel image thresholds using Otsu’s method
niftiinfoRead metadata from NIfTI file
niftireadRead NIfTI image
niftiwriteWrite volume to file using NIfTI format
niqeNaturalness Image Quality Evaluator (NIQE) no-reference image quality score
niqeModelNaturalness Image Quality Evaluator (NIQE) model
nitfinfoRead metadata from National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) file
nitfreadRead image from NITF file
nlfilterGeneral sliding-neighborhood operations
normxcorr2Normalized 2-D cross-correlation
ntsc2rgbConvert NTSC values to RGB color space
offsetstrelMorphological offset structuring element
OnePlusOneEvolutionaryOne-plus-one evolutionary optimizer configuration
openrsetOpen R-Set file
ordfilt22-D order-statistic filtering
otf2psfConvert optical transfer function to point-spread function
otsuthreshGlobal histogram threshold using Otsu's method
outputLimitsFind output spatial limits given input spatial limits
padarrayPad array
para2fanConvert parallel-beam projections to fan-beam
partitionByIndexPartition denoisingImageDatastore according to indices
partitionByIndexPartition randomPatchExtractionDatastore according to indices
phantomCreate head phantom image
PiecewiseLinearTransformation2D2-D piecewise linear geometric transformation
piqePerception based Image Quality Evaluator (PIQE) no-reference image quality score
plotChromaticityPlot color reproduction on chromaticity diagram
plotSFRPlot spatial frequency response of edge
poly2maskConvert region of interest (ROI) polygon to region mask
PolynomialTransformation2D2-D polynomial geometric transformation
projective2d 2-D projective geometric transformation
psf2otfConvert point-spread function to optical transfer function
psnrPeak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR)
qtdecompQuadtree decomposition
qtgetblkBlock values in quadtree decomposition
qtsetblkSet block values in quadtree decomposition
radonRadon transform
randomPatchExtractionDatastoreDatastore for extracting random patches from images or pixel label images
rangefiltLocal range of image
readRead data from denoisingImageDatastore
readRead data from randomPatchExtractionDatastore
readByIndexRead data specified by index from denoisingImageDatastore
readByIndexRead data specified by index from randomPatchExtractionDatastore
reflectReflect structuring element
regionfillFill in specified regions in image using inward interpolation
regionpropsMeasure properties of image regions
regionprops3Measure properties of 3-D volumetric image regions
RegularStepGradientDescentRegular step gradient descent optimizer configuration
removeNewPositionCallbackRemove new-position callback from ROI object
resumeResume execution of MATLAB command line
rgb2grayConvert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2hsvConvert RGB colors to HSV
rgb2indConvert RGB image to indexed image
rgb2labConvert RGB to CIE 1976 L*a*b*
rgb2linLinearize gamma-corrected RGB values
rgb2ntscConvert RGB color values to NTSC color space
rgb2xyzConvert RGB to CIE 1931 XYZ
rgb2ycbcrConvert RGB color values to YCbCr color space
roicolorSelect region of interest (ROI) based on color
roifillFill in specified region of interest (ROI) polygon in grayscale image
roifilt2Filter region of interest (ROI) in image
roipolySpecify polygonal region of interest (ROI)
rsetwriteCreate reduced resolution data set from image file
setClosedSet closure behavior of ROI object
setColorSet color used to draw ROI object
setConstrainedPositionSet ROI object to new position
setFixedAspectRatioModePreserve aspect ratio when resizing ROI object
setLabelTextFormatterSet format used to display text label of Distance tool
setLabelVisibleSet visibility of text label of Distance tool
setPositionMove ROI object to new position
setPositionConstraintFcnSet position constraint function of ROI object
setResizableSet resize behavior of ROI object
setStringSet text label for point ROI object
setVerticesDraggableSet vertex behavior of ROI object
shuffleShuffle data in denoisingImageDatastore
shuffleShuffle data in randomPatchExtractionDatastore
sizesMatchDetermine if object and image are size-compatible
ssimStructural Similarity Index (SSIM) for measuring image quality
std2Standard deviation of matrix elements
stdfiltLocal standard deviation of image
strelMorphological structuring element
stretchlimFind limits to contrast stretch image
subimageDisplay multiple images in single figure
superpixels2-D superpixel oversegmentation of images
superpixels33-D superpixel oversegmentation of 3-D image
tformarrayApply spatial transformation to N-D array
tformfwdApply forward spatial transformation
tforminvApply inverse spatial transformation
tonemapRender high dynamic range image for viewing
tonemapfarbmanConvert HDR image to LDR using edge-preserving multiscale decompositions
transformPointsForwardApply forward geometric transformation
transformPointsInverseApply inverse geometric transformation
translateTranslate structuring element
truesizeAdjust display size of image
visboundariesPlot region boundaries
viscirclesCreate circle
volshowDisplay volume
waitBlock MATLAB command line until ROI creation is finished
warpDisplay image as texture-mapped surface
warpApply geometric transformation
WarperApply same geometric transformation to many images efficiently
watershedWatershed transform
whitepointXYZ color values of standard illuminants
wiener22-D adaptive noise-removal filtering
worldToIntrinsicConvert from world to intrinsic coordinates
worldToSubscriptConvert world coordinates to row and column subscripts
xyz2doubleConvert XYZ color values to double
xyz2labConvert CIE 1931 XYZ to CIE 1976 L*a*b*
xyz2rgbConvert CIE 1931 XYZ to RGB
xyz2uint16Convert XYZ color values to uint16
ycbcr2rgbConvert YCbCr color values to RGB color space