Get Image Information in Image Viewer App

To get information about the image displayed in the Image Viewer, use the Image Information tool. The Image Information tool can provide two types of information about an image:

  • Basic information — Includes width, height, class, and image type. For grayscale and indexed images, this information also includes the minimum and maximum intensity values.

  • Image metadata — Displays all the metadata from the graphics file that contains the image. This metadata is the same information returned by the imfinfo function or the dicominfo function.


The Image Information tool can display image metadata only when you specify the file name containing the image to Image Viewer, e.g., imtool('moon.tif').

For example, view an image in the Image Viewer.


Start the Image Information tool by clicking the Image Information button in the Image Viewer toolbar or selecting the Image Information option from the Tools menu in the Image Viewer. (Another option is to open a figure window using imshow and then call imageinfo from the command line.)

The following figure shows the Image Viewer with the Image Information tool. If you specify a file name when you call the imtool function, the Image Information tool displays both basic image information and image metadata, as shown in the figure.