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Package: images.roi

Begin drawing ROI from specified point


beginDrawingFromPoint(ROI,[x y])



beginDrawingFromPoint(ROI,[x y]) enters interactive mode to draw the shape for object ROI starting at location (x,y) in the axes. This method is intended to be used within the ButtonDownFcn callback of an Image or Axes object.


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Create a new script called sampleDrawLine.m. Inside the script, copy and paste this code, then save the file.

hIm = imshow(imread('coins.png'));
hIm.ButtonDownFcn = @(~,~) buttonPressedCallback(hIm.Parent);
function buttonPressedCallback(hAx)
    cp = hAx.CurrentPoint;
    cp = [cp(1,1) cp(1,2)];
    obj = images.roi.Line('Parent',hAx,'Color',rand([1,3]));

Return to the MATLAB® command window. Run the script by entering the command:


An image of coins is displayed in a figure window. Each time you click the mouse over the figure, the script executes the callback function, buttonPressedCallback. The script begins drawing a new ROI starting from the pixel you clicked.

Input Arguments

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Starting point in the axes, specified as a numeric array.

Introduced in R2018b