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Package: images.roi

Query if points are located in ROI


tf = inROI(ROI,x,y)



tf = inROI(ROI,x,y) returns a logical array, tf, that indicates whether points with coordinates (x,y) are inside the ROI.


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Read an image into the workspace and display it.

I = imread('trailer.jpg');

Draw a rectangular ROI on the image, using the Position argument to specify the position of the rectangle as [xmin,ymin,width,height].

h = drawrectangle('Position',[190 308 682 276],'StripeColor','r');

Specify the x- and y-coordinates of three points. The last point is the upper left corner of the rectangular ROI.

xcoords = [335 335 190];
ycoords = [200 400 308];

Query if the three points are inside the ROI.

tf = inROI(h,xcoords,ycoords)
tf = 3x1 logical array


Input Arguments

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Region of interest, specified as an ROI object of one of the following types:

X-coordinates of the query points, specified as a numeric vector.

Y-coordinates of the query points, specified as a numeric vector.

Output Arguments

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Points are inside the ROI, returned as a logical array. The array is the same length as the input arrays x and y. Elements of the logical array set to true indicate that the corresponding query point is inside the ROI.

Introduced in R2018b