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Launch Image Acquisition Tool




imaqtool launches an interactive GUI to allow you to explore, configure, and acquire data from your installed and supported image acquisition devices.

The functionality of the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ software is available in this desktop application. You connect directly to your hardware in the tool and can preview and acquire image data. You can log the data to MATLAB® in several formats, and also generate a VideoWriter file, right from the tool.

The Image Acquisition Tool provides a desktop environment that integrates a preview/acquisition area with Acquisition Parameters so that you can change settings and see the changes dynamically applied to your image data.

For complete information on how to use the Image Acquisition Tool, see Getting Started with the Image Acquisition Tool.

imaqtool(file) starts the tool and then immediately reads an Image Acquisition Tool configuration file, where file is the name of an IAT-file that you previously saved.

This configuration file contains parameter settings that you save using File > Save Configuration in the tool.

Introduced in R2007b