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Configure Output Signal on Keysight® RF Signal Generator Using the IVI-C Driver

This example shows how to initialize the driver, read a few properties of the driver and configure output signal using Keysight Technologies RF Signal Generators and output the result in MATLAB®.


This example requires the following to be installed on the computer:

  • Keysight IO libraries version 17.1 or newer

  • Keysight RF Signal Generators IVI driver version or newer

Enumerate available IVI-C drivers on the computer

This enumerates the IVI drivers that have been installed on the computer

IviInfo = instrhwinfo('ivi');
ans = 

  Columns 1 through 6

    'Ag33220'    'Ag3352x'    'Ag34410'    'Ag34970'    'Ag532xx'    'AgAC6800'

  Columns 7 through 11

    'AgE36xx'    'AgInfiniiVision'    'AgMD1'    'AgRfSigGen'    'AgXSAn'

  Columns 12 through 13

    'KtRFPowerMeter'    'rsspecan'

Create MATLAB Instrument Driver and Connect to the Simulated Instrument

% Create the MATLAB instrument driver

% Use icdevice with the MATLAB instrument driver name and instrument's
% resource name to create a device object. In this example the instrument
% is connected by GPIB at board index 0 and primary address 1.
myInstrument = icdevice('AgRfSigGen.mdd', 'GPIB0::01::INSTR','optionstring','simulate=true');

% Connect driver instance

Attributes and Variables Definition

% These values are defined in the driver's header file 'AgRfSigGen.h'

Get General Device Properties

Query information about the driver and instrument

DriverIdentification = get(myInstrument,'Inherentiviattributesdriveridentification');
InherentIviAttributesInstrumentIdentification = get(myInstrument, 'Inherentiviattributesinstrumentidentification');
Utility = get(myInstrument, 'Utility');
Revision = invoke(Utility, 'revisionquery');
Vendor = get(DriverIdentification, 'Specific_Driver_Vendor');
Description = get(DriverIdentification, 'Specific_Driver_Description');
InstrumentModel = get(InherentIviAttributesInstrumentIdentification, 'Instrument_Model');
FirmwareRev = get(InherentIviAttributesInstrumentIdentification, 'Instrument_Firmware_Revision');

% Print the queried driver properties
fprintf('Revision:        %s\n', Revision);
fprintf('Vendor:          %s\n', Vendor);
fprintf('Description:     %s\n', Description);
fprintf('InstrumentModel: %s\n', InstrumentModel);
fprintf('FirmwareRev:     %s\n', FirmwareRev);
fprintf(' \n');
Vendor:          Agilent Technologies
Description:     IVI Driver for Keysight Technologies RF Signal Generator [Compiled for 64-bit.]
InstrumentModel: E4428C
FirmwareRev:     Sim1.5.0.0

Output 1GHz/0dBm (1 milliwatt) Carrier Signal

fprintf('Carrier Signal:\n\t1GHz/0dBm (1 milliwatt)\n');
invoke(Utility, 'reset');
% Specifies the frequency of the generated RF output signal.
Rf = get(myInstrument,'Rf');
set(Rf, 'Frequency', 1E9); % 1 GHz
% Specifies the amplitude (power/level) of the RF output signal.
set(Rf, 'Power_Level', 0); % 0 dB
% Enable RF output signal.
set(Rf, 'Output_Enabled', true);
Carrier Signal:
	1GHz/0dBm (1 milliwatt)

Disable AM,FM and PM Modes

% Disable amplitude modulation (AM) of the RF output signal
AnalogModulationAM = get(myInstrument,'Analogmodulationam');
set(AnalogModulationAM, 'AM_Enabled', false);
% Disable frequency modulation (FM) of the RF output signal
AnalogModulationFM = get(myInstrument,'Analogmodulationfm');
set(AnalogModulationFM, 'FM_Enabled', false);
% Disable phase modulation (PM) of the RF output signal
AnalogModulationPM = get(myInstrument,'Analogmodulationpm');
set(AnalogModulationPM, 'PM_Enabled', false);

Enable Amplitude Modulation (AM) Output

fprintf('Enable Amplitude Modulation (AM)\n\n');
% Get the analog modulation source name
NameBufferSize = 256;
ConfigurationLfGenerator = get(myInstrument, 'Configurationlfgenerator');
Lfg = invoke(ConfigurationLfGenerator, 'getlfgeneratorname', 1,NameBufferSize);
% Set Lfg as amplitude modulation (AM) source
set(AnalogModulationAM, 'AM_Source', Lfg);
% Set Lfg as active LF generator
LfGenerator = get(myInstrument, 'Lfgenerator');
set(LfGenerator, 'Active_LFGenerator', Lfg);
% Generate a 2 kHz sine waveform modulation signal
invoke(ConfigurationLfGenerator, 'configurelfgenerator', 2000, AGRFSIGGEN_VAL_LF_GENERATOR_WAVEFORM_SINE);
% Enable amplitude modulation (AM) mode
set(AnalogModulationAM, 'AM_Enabled', true);
Enable Amplitude Modulation (AM)

Display Any Errors from the Driver

% If there are any errors, query the driver to retrieve and display them
ErrorNum = 1;
while (ErrorNum ~= 0)
    [ErrorNum, ErrorMsg] = invoke(Utility, 'errorquery');
    fprintf('ErrorQuery: %d, %s\n', ErrorNum, ErrorMsg);
ErrorQuery: 0, No error. 

Disconnect Device Object and Clean Up

% Remove instrument objects from memory

Additional Information:

This example shows the setup and configuring output signal on a RF signal generator using the IVI driver. Using Instrument Control Toolbox™, it is possible to automate control of instruments, and, build test systems that use MATLAB to perform analyses that may not be possible using the built-in capability of the hardware.