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Code Editor

Edit programs using the MATLAB® Editor


editEdit or create file


Open and Save Files in the Editor

Open and save files in the Editor using several different methods.

Check Syntax as You Type

Some entries appear in different colors in the Command Window and the Editor to help you identify MATLAB elements. This is known as syntax highlighting.

Check Code for Errors and Warnings

Use the MATLAB Code Analyzer to check your code for coding problems automatically.

MATLAB Code Analyzer Report

Generate a report that identifies potential errors, problems, and opportunities for improvement in your code.

Improve Code Readability

Use indentation, text-width indication, and code folding to make your code easier to read.

Find and Replace Text in Files

Find and replace text in the current file or multiple files. Automatically rename functions or variables.

Go To Location in File

Go to a specific location in a file, such as a line number or function definition, set bookmarks, navigate backward and forward within the file, and open a file or variable from within a file.

Display Two Parts of a File Simultaneously

You can simultaneously display two different parts of a file in the Editor by splitting the screen display. This feature makes it easy to compare different lines in a file or to copy and paste from one part of a file to another.

Add Reminders to Files

Annotating a file makes it easier to find areas of your code that you intend to improve, complete, or update later.

Editor/Debugger Preferences

Use Editor/Debugger preferences to customize the Editor.

Code Analyzer Preferences

Set Code Analyzer preferences to enable or disable Code Analyzer features and specify message indicator preferences.