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February 2019

Auto Enrollment

When you add a student or an instructor to your course or add someone to collaborate in a collection, they are automatically enrolled in the course or collection. They still get a notification email, which includes a link to the course or collection details.

An enhanced enrollment list allows you to see who has signed in using the same email for which you issued the notification and which students are using different email addresses.

Learning Analytics for LMS Integration

In an LMS integration, instructors can now see high-level insights into learners’ performance for a problem through a “Learner Status” view. This feature is enabled for licensed MATLAB® Grader™ users only.

With Learning Analytics, the instructors will be able to gain following insights for a problem:

See Learning Analytics.

Free Getting Started and Introduction to Programming Examples

When you select Add Problem, in addition to Blank Problem and your own or shared Courses and Collections, you can now choose from:

  • Getting Started with MATLAB Grader: Example problems that illustrate good practices for writing problems and creating assessments.

  • Introduction to Programming: Example problems that demonstrate beginning code and functions for programming with MATLAB.

    This content is available only to verified instructors.

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