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Integrate MATLAB Grader with Open edX

Check for Existing MATLAB Grader Integration

The easiest way to find out if MATLAB® Grader™ has already been integrated with your LMS is to add a MATLAB Grader coding problem to your course. See the next section for instructions.

If you have difficulty finding the MATLAB Grader integration, or it is clear that MATLAB Grader has not been integrated yet, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Instructors: Add MATLAB Grader Coding Problem to Course

If MATLAB Grader has already been integrated into the course, you can add MATLAB Grader coding problem.

Add LTI Component:

  1. In Studio, go to the course you want.

  2. Create or navigate to the unit where you want to add a MATLAB Grader coding problem.

  3. Follow the instructions in Adding an LTI Component to a course unit from Open edX®.

    1. MATLAB Grader requires authentication. If your LMS administrator has not added the LTI passport to your course settings, complete step 2 under "LMS Administrators" after obtaining the LTI credentials from your LMS administrator.

    2. For LTI ID, use the same ID used in the LTI passport string created in LMS Administrators step 2c.

    3. For LTI URL, use the Launch URL obtained in LMS Administrators Step 1c.

    4. Adjust the remaining LTI component settings, as needed.

  4. Click Save.

Add your content:


Only problems added in either the View Live Version or Preview view of the course are visible to students.

  1. Click Preview, or, after publishing your changes, View Live Version.

  2. Open edX launches the MATLAB Grader interface for copying and creating content.

    You can create a new problem or select a problem from your available collections or courses. To access your MATLAB Grader content, see Link MathWorks Account to MATLAB Grader Assessment Content.

For help, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

LMS Administrators: Add MATLAB Grader as an LTI Tool in Open edX

To add MATLAB Grader as an LTI tool in Open edX:

  1. Get Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) credentials.

    1. In MATLAB Grader, using the top navigation, go to LMS Integration.

    2. Select Other from the drop-down list.

    3. Click Generate Key and Secret. Copy these values and the Launch URL.

  2. Enable LTI Components in a course. LTI integration is performed at the course level.

    1. From the course Studio page, select Settings > Advanced Settings.

    2. For Advanced Module List, enter [ "lti_consumer" ].

    3. For LTI Passports, enter the LTI Passport string using the format ["id:client_key:client_secret" ].

      • For id, use matlab.

      • For client key, use the MATLAB Grader Key generated in the first step.

      • For client secret, use the MATLAB Grader Secret generated in the first step.

    4. Click Save Changes.

    For additional details, refer to the Open edX instructions in LTI Component.

Getting Help

If at any point in this process you require assistance with adding a MATLAB Grader coding problem to your LMS course or in setting up the initial LMS integration, contact these resources in this order:

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