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Integrate MATLAB Grader with Other LMS

Check for Existing MATLAB Grader Integration

The easiest way to find out if MATLAB® Grader™ has already been integrated with your LMS is to add a MATLAB Grader coding problem to your course. See the next section for instructions.

If you cannot find the MATLAB Grader integration, or it is clear that MATLAB Grader has not been integrated yet, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Instructors: Add MATLAB Grader Coding Problem to Course

Because each LMS has their own instructions, find the documentation for your LMS for help in discovering if MATLAB Grader has already been integrated.

  1. In your LMS, go to the course where you want to add a MATLAB Grader coding problem.

  2. Follow the instructions for adding an LTI or External Tool problem type in your LMS. If available, look for "MATLAB Grader" in a list of available or preconfigured tools.

  3. After you add a problem, launch the problem to edit it. This action launches the MATLAB Grader interface for copying and creating content.

    You can create a new problem or select a problem from your available collections or courses. To access your MATLAB Grader content, see Link MathWorks Account to MATLAB Grader Assessment Content.

If you have difficulty finding the MATLAB Grader integration, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Add MATLAB Grader to Other LMS

To integrate MATLAB Grader with a non-specific LMS, follow these general instructions:

  1. Get Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) credentials.

    1. In MATLAB Grader, using the top navigation, go to LMS Integration.

    2. Select Other LMS from the drop-down list.

    3. Click Generate Key and Secret. Copy these values and the Launch URL.

  2. Follow the instructions in your LMS for adding an LTI or External Tool. Look for a setting containing fields for the Launch URL, Key, and Secret. Keep in mind the fields may not use these exact names, and they may not be all on the same page.

Getting Help

If at any point in this process you require assistance with adding a MATLAB Grader problem to your LMS course or in setting up the initial LMS integration, contact these resources in this order:

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