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Use Collections and Groups to Store Problems

When you add problems outside a course, MATLAB® Grader™ stores them in collections, consisting of groups of problems. This helps you organize your problems.

The first time you add a problem, MATLAB Grader creates a collection for you to hold your problems.. As you build your content repository, you can add other collections to suit your needs. Later, you can use these problems in courses you create, either in MATLAB Grader or in an integrated LMS.

Some important things to note about collections and groups:

  • Problems are organized inside collections in groups, which allow further refinement of organization.

  • If you add a problem and have no collections, MATLAB Grader creates a collection and group for you.

  • When you are viewing a collection and you click ADD PROBLEM, the problem is added to the last group in that collection.

  • Collections can access all MathWorks products and toolboxes, regardless of what is on your license.

  • You can re-order groups and problems within a collection.

  • To view all your collections, go to your MATLAB Grader home page.

  • You can give other instructors access to your collections, so that they can add and edit problems and include them in their own courses. Click Collaborate with Instructors to issue notifications.

  • To delete a collection:

    • You must be the owner of the collection you want to delete.

    • The collection must be empty. If it is not, you must first delete all the problems in the collection.

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