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Discard all logged data from Android sensors



discardlogs(m) discards all logged data, from m, the mobiledev object that acquires the sensor data. The discardlogs function discards all logged measurements that were created from the object, and also clears the initial timestamp.


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This example assumes that you have already installed and set up MATLAB® Mobile™ on your Android™ device and connected it to your computer running MATLAB. For information about these steps, see Install MATLAB Mobile on Your Device and Sign In to the Cloud.

Start MATLAB Mobile on your Android device.

On the Sensors screen of MATLAB Mobile, tap the sensors that you want to send data from.

Place the device where you want to get the sensor data, if a remote location.

On your computer, create a mobiledev object, m, in MATLAB.

m = mobiledev

Begin logging data by enabling the Logging property.

m.Logging = 1

This action starts the transmitting of data from all selected sensors. You can also start transmission by tapping the Start button in MATLAB Mobile on the device.

Get any logged data you are interested in viewing, for example, the angular velocity data.

[av, t] = angvellog(m);

Stop logging data from the selected sensors by disabling the Logging property.

m.Logging = 0

This stops the transmitting of data from all selected sensors. You can also stop transmission by tapping the Stop button in MATLAB Mobile on the device.

You can still access any of the logs after you stop transmitting data. When you are done using the logs, you can discard them.


This discards all logged measurements and also the initial timestamp.

Version History

Introduced in R2014b