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Import factor graph from g2o log file

Since R2022a



    graph = importFactorGraph(filename) imports a factor graph from the specified G2o file filename.


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    Import a factor graph from a G2o log file.

    G = importFactorGraph("factorGraphLog.g2o");

    Input Arguments

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    Name of the G2o log file to import a factor graph from, specified as a string scalar or character vector. The specified G2o log file must contain either only 'EDGE_SE2' and 'VERTEX_SE2' tokens, or only 'EDGE_SE3:QUAT' and 'VERTEX_SE3:QUAT' tokens.

    Output Arguments

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    Factor graph imported from the G2o file, returned as a factorGraph object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a