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Predict the state and state estimation error covariance


xPred = predict(abfilter,tstep) returns the predicted filter state, xPred, of the filter, abfilter, after the elapsed time, tstep.

[xPred,pPred] = predict(abfilter,tstep) also returns the estimated state covariance, pPred.

[xPred,pPred,zPred] = predict(abfilter,tstep) also returns the predicted measurements, zPred.

Input Arguments

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Alpha-beta tracking filter, specified as a phased.AlphaBetaFilter object. Calling predict overwrites the internal states of the object.

Time step for next prediction, specified as a positive scalar. The time step is the interval from the last prediction-correction to the current prediction. Units are in seconds.

Output Arguments

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Predicted state of the filter, returned as an L-by-1 vector where L is the size of the state vector. The predicted state overrides the value of the State property.

Predicted state covariance of the filter, returned as an L-by-L matrix. The predicted state covariance overrides the value of the StateCovariance property.

Predicted measurement, returned as a K-by-1 vector, where K is the size of the measurement.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2018b

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