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Run-Time Parameters

Speed up simulation tasks and modify parameter values without regenerating C code

Simscape™ run-time parameters are coded as variables with values that you can change before or between simulations without recompiling the model. Because they do not require model recompiling, parameter sweeps using run-time parameters help improve your efficiency during model development and real-time simulation.


About Simscape Run-Time Parameters

Simscape run-time parameters allow you to change parameter values between simulations and in generated code without recompiling your model.

How Simscape Run-Time Parameters and Simulink Tunable Parameters Differ

Simscape run-time parameters and Simulink® tunable parameters have different default modes, configuration methods, and default behaviors in generated code.

Manage Simscape Run-Time Parameters

Make a Simscape parameter run-time configurable and specify the default run-time parameter behavior for code generation.

Show Simscape Run-Time Parameter Settings

Make Simscape run-time parameter settings visible by configuring your MATLAB® preferences.

Specify and Change a Simscape Run-Time Parameter

Make a Simscape parameter run-time configurable and change the parameter value between iterative simulation runs without recompiling your model.

Improve Parameter-Sweeping Efficiency Using Simscape Run-Time Parameters

Change Simscape run-time parameters values without recompiling your model during iterative simulation.

Decrease Computational Cost by Inlining Simscape Run-Time Parameters

Avoid CPU overloads during real-time simulation by inlining Simscape run-time parameters.

Troubleshoot Simscape Run-Time Parameter Issues

Ensure that Simscape run-time parameter settings are visible and that changes that you make to parameters take effect.