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Scalable Compilation

Workflow, techniques, and examples of using scalable compilation of large models

Scalable compilation helps reduce compilation time for models that consist of a pattern of repeated components, such as transmission lines or battery packs, by compiling a repeated component once and then reusing these compilation artifacts for other instances of the same component. Scalable compilation improves compilation performance, it does not reduce the simulation time of the model.


About Scalable Compilation

General workflow and types of models that can benefit from scalable compilation.

Preparing Your Model for Scalable Compilation

This example shows how to evaluate a model and prepare it for scalable compilation.

Scalable Compilation Limitations

Limitations for using scalable compilation, such as unsupported patterns, workflows, or simulation modes.

Determining Optimal Complexity Level for Reusable Components

Guidelines and considerations for determining the optimal model configuration for scalable compilation.