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Simulation Setup

Select optimal solvers for physical simulation, specify model scaling

You choose global, or model-wide, solvers through Simulink®, by using the model configuration parameters. You can also use a local Simscape™ solver for parts of the system, and adjust other options in the Solver Configuration block. For recommended choices, see Making Optimal Solver Choices for Physical Simulation.


Simscape Variable Scaling AnalyzerResolve variable scaling issues and improve simulation speed of Simscape models


Setting Up Solvers for Physical Models

Explains how to harmonize global, or model-wide, Simulink solvers with local Simscape solvers for physical simulation.

Important Concepts and Choices in Physical Simulation

Provides background information on advanced concepts and trade-offs to consider when you select solvers and configure other simulation settings.

Making Optimal Solver Choices for Physical Simulation

Detailed how-to information on solver selection for physical simulation.

Best Practices for Simulating with the daessc Solver

Detailed how-to information and best practices on using daessc solver for physical simulation.

Understanding How the Partitioning Solver Works

Detailed explanation of how the Partitioning solver formulates the equations and why it is much faster than the other solvers.

Filtering Input Signals and Providing Time Derivatives

Ways to provide time derivatives of the input signals, required by the selected solver, and benefits of input filtering.

System Scaling by Nominal Values

Improve simulation robustness by providing scale of variables to solver.

Use Scaling by Nominal Values to Improve Performance

Example of applying scaling by nominal values to improve simulation robustness.

Select Nominal Values Using the Variable Scaling Analyzer

Improve Simscape model convergence by analyzing for problematic variable scaling.

Frequency and Time Simulation Mode

Increase simulation speed for systems with a single base frequency.

Simscape Stiffness Impact Analysis

Analyze the effect of particular block variables on overall system stiffness of a Simscape network.

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