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Import device parameters from XML file to SimscapeTM IGBT (Ideal, Switching) block



ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath) extracts the parameters from an XML file, file, and imports them to the SimscapeTM block at the specified blockPath, based on the parameterization format of the file.

The XML file must be on the MATLAB path and must use a parameterization format supported by Hitachi. For examples of Hitachi format XML files for IGBT devices, see the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and diode modules with SPT, SPT+, SPT++ and TSPT+ chips page on the Hitachi ABB Power Grids website.

This function currently only supports IGBT(Ideal, Switching) blocks.

ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath,'Verbose',true) also enables warnings about unused fields in the XML file.

ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath,'Verbose',false) also disables warnings about unused fields in the XML file.


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Edit the ee_import_igbt_device_parameters_data.xml file to inspect the content.

edit ee_import_igbt_device_parameters_data.xml 

Choose the block you want to import the parameters into. Open a model that contains an IGBT(Ideal, Switching) block.


Click the IGBT(Ideal, Switching) block, then call the ee_importDeviceParameters function.

 ee_importDeviceParameters('ee_import_igbt_device_parameters_data.xml', 'hitachi', gcb)

Input Arguments

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File name of the XML file that you want to import and extract the parameters from, specified as a case-sensitive string.

Parameterization format, specified as hitachi.

Path or handle of IGBT (Ideal, Switching) block that you want to import the parameters into, specified as a character vector or block handle.

Introduced in R2021b