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Manipulator Algorithm Design

Rigid body tree models, inverse kinematics, dynamics, trajectories

Robotics System Toolbox™ manipulator algorithms support workflows related to rigid body, articulated, and serial-link robots. You can import robot models from URDF files and Simscape™ Multibody™ models using importrobot, or load an existing model with loadrobot. Use these robot models for many different robot tasks:

Define your robot models using a rigidBodyTree object composed of rigid bodies with fixed, revolute, or prismatic joints. Generate joint configurations, define dynamics properties for inertial effects, and use joint- and task-space motion models to simulate robot motion.

Perform inverse kinematics to get joint configurations based on desired end-effector positions. Specify additional robot constraints other than the model parameters, including aiming constraints, Cartesian bounds, or pose targets.

Perform motion planning using your robot models and a rapidly exploring random tree (RRT) path planner.

Generate trajectories based on waypoints and other parameters with trapezoidal velocity profiles, B-splines, or polynomial trajectories.

Check for collisions with obstacles in your environment to ensure safe and effective motion for your robot.