Generate Heading and Yaw Commands for Orbit Following in Simulink®

This example shows how to use the UAV Orbit Follower block to generate heading and yaw commands for orbiting a location of interest with a UAV.

NOTE: This example requires you to install the UAV Library for Robotics System Toolbox®. Call roboticsAddons to open the Add-ons Explorer and install the library.

Open the model. Click Open Live Script to get a copy of the Simulink® model.

This model illustrates the inputs and the outputs of the block. You must specify the current UAV pose as an [x;y;z;heading]. Also, give the orbit center location, orbit radius, turn direction, and lookahead distance on the path. The lookahead distance is important for tuning the path tracking.


Run the model to get the desired heading and yaw for following the orbit. These outputs can be used to generate commands for a UAV.