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ROS Specialized Messages

Access messages from specialized sensors and inputs

Specialized message functions enable you to create and access sensors and data types using specific ROS message types. For examples of accessing data from these sensors, see Work with Specialized ROS Messages.


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CompressedImageCreate compressed image message
ImageCreate image message
LaserScanCreate laser scan message
OccupancyGridCreate occupancy grid message
PointCloud2Access point cloud messages
velodyneROSMessageReaderRead Velodyne ROS messages


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readImageConvert ROS image data into MATLAB image
writeImageWrite MATLAB image to ROS image message
readCartesianRead laser scan ranges in Cartesian coordinates
readScanAnglesReturn scan angles for laser scan range readings
plotDisplay laser or lidar scan readings
readXYZExtract XYZ coordinates from point cloud data
readRGBExtract RGB values from point cloud data
readAllFieldNamesGet all available field names from ROS point cloud
readFieldRead point cloud data based on field name
scatter3Display point cloud in scatter plot
velodyneROSMessageReaderRead Velodyne ROS messages
hasFrameDetermine if another Velodyne point cloud is available in the ROS messages
readFrameRead point cloud frame from ROS message
resetReset CurrentTime property of velodyneROSMessageReader object to default value


Work with Specialized ROS Messages

Some commonly used ROS messages store data in a format that requires some transformation before it can be used for further processing.

Work with Velodyne ROS Messages

Velodyne ROS messages store data in a format that requires some interpretation before it can be used for further processing.