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System target file


Specify the system target file.

Category: Code Generation


Default: grt.tlc

You can specify the system target file in these ways:

  • Use the System Target File Browser. Click the Browse button, which lets you select a preset target configuration consisting of a system target file, template makefile, and make command.

  • Enter the name of your system target file in this field.


  • The System Target File Browser lists system target files found on the MATLAB® path. Some system target files require additional licensed products.

  • Using ERT-based system target files such as ert.tlc to generate code requires an Embedded Coder® license.

  • When you switch from a system target file that is not ERT-based to a file that is ERT-based, the configuration parameter Default parameter behavior sets to Inlined by default. However, you can change the setting of Default parameter behavior later. For more information, see Default parameter behavior.

  • To configure your model for rapid simulation, select rsim.tlc.

  • To configure your model for Simulink® Real-Time™, select slrealtime.tlc.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: SystemTargetFile
Type: character vector
Value: valid system target file
Default: 'grt.tlc'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo impact
Safety precautionNo impact
ERT based (requires Embedded Coder license)

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