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Generate Code Generation Report After Build Process

After generating code, if you did not configure your model to create a code generation report, you can generate a code generation report without rebuilding your model.

  1. In the model diagram window, on the C Code tab, select Open Report.

  2. If your current working folder contains the code generation files the following dialog opens.

    Generate Report dialog box.

    Click Generate Report.

  3. If the code generation files are not in your current working folder, this dialog box opens.

    Open Code Generation Report dialog box.

    Enter the full path of the build folder for your model, ../model_target_rtw and click Open Report.

The software generates a report, model_codgen_rpt.html, from the code generation files in the build folder you specified.


An alternative method for generating the report after the build process is complete is to configure your model to generate a report and build your model. In this case, the software generates the report without regenerating the code.