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Package and Share the Code Generation Report

Package the Code Generation Report

To share the code generation report, you can package the code generation report files and supporting files into a zip file for transfer. The default location for the code generation report files is in two folders:

  • /slprj

  • html subfolder of the build folder, model_target_rtw, for example rtwdemo_counter_grt_rtw/html

To create a zip file from the MATLAB command window:

  1. In the Current Folder browser, select the two folders:

    • /slprj

    • Build folder: model_target_rtw

  2. Right-click to open the context menu.

  3. In the context menu, select Create Zip File. A file appears in the Current Folder browser.

  4. Name the zip file.

Alternatively, you can use the MATLAB zip command to zip the code generation report files:



If you need to relocate the static and generated code files for a model to another development environment, such as a system or an integrated development environment (IDE) that does not include MATLAB® and Simulink® products, use the code generator pack-and-go utility. For more information, see Relocate Code to Another Development Environment.

View the Code Generation Report

To view the code generation report after transfer, unzip the file and save the two folders at the same folder level in the hierarchy. Navigate to the model_target_rtw/html/ folder and open the top-level HTML report file named model_codgen_rpt.html or subsystem_codegen_rpt.html in a Web browser.