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Component Analysis

Analyze a model, subsystem, or subchart

If you have an existing design model in Simulink®, see Component Selection to configure portions of your design for Simulink Design Verifier™ analysis. You perform iterative analysis as you update your model.


sldvcompatCheck model for compatibility with analysis
sldvoptionsCreate design verification options object
sldvrunAnalyze model


Basic Workflow for Simulink Design Verifier

Overview of the basic Simulink Design Verifier workflow.

Model Representation for Analysis

Describes model representation that Simulink Design Verifier uses for analysis.

Configure Model Representation Options

Describes how to configure model representation options. Simulink Design Verifier uses for analysis.

Share Simulink Cache File for Faster Analysis

Use Simulink cache files to share and reuse the model representation for analysis.

Extend Existing Test Cases by Reusing Model Representation

Reanalyze a model by reusing the model representation.

Filter Objectives by Using Analysis Filter Viewer

Describes the filtering of objectives by using Analysis Filter viewer.

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