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Input Range Constraints

Specify minimum and maximum input values to mimic environmental constraints


Specify Input Ranges on Simulink and Stateflow Elements

Describes how the analysis handles minimum and maximum values on Simulink® and Stateflow® elements.

Review Analysis Results

Review analysis results in the Simulink Design Verifier™  Results Summary window.

Check for Specified Minimum and Maximum Value Violations

Describes how to analyze the model to verify that specified design minimum and maximum values are honored.

Minimum and Maximum Input Constraints

An overview of how the Simulink Design Verifier analysis considers specified input minimum and maximum values.

Specification of Input Ranges in sldvData Fields

Describes the sldvData fields for minimum and maximum input values.

Using Specified Input Minimum and Maximum Values as Constraints

This example shows how to use input port minimum and maximum values as analysis constraints by Simulink Design Verifier during both test generation and property proving.

Specify Signal Ranges

Specify the minimum and maximum value that a signal can attain during simulation. Fully specify your design and optimize data types and the generated code by specifying the minimum and maximum value that a signal can attain during simulation.

Specify Constraint Values for Structure or Bus Parameters

This example describes how to generate tests that constrain the values for the structures and bus signals in a model.