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Get Started with Live RF Signal Capture

Prototype and test SDR systems by using the IP core generation workflow

Prototype, verify, and test practical wireless systems by using the IP core workflow with a Xilinx® Zynq®-based development kit and an RF FMC card. You can work with live RF signals using single (1x1) or multiple (up to 4x4) transmit and receive streams. You can also implement custom hardware designs for your SDR applications using HDL Coder™ or Embedded Coder®. Implementing on hardware enables you to test your design under real-world conditions and rapidly prototype designs for mobile and embedded applications.


About Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio Design


Waveform Generation Using MathWorks SDR
Generate and transmit standards-compliant and custom waveforms using MathWorks® toolboxes and SDR connectivity.

RF Signal Capture Using MATLAB and SDR
Capture RF signals off the air using SDR hardware.